Tishinka flea market. photo

Flea market at Izmaylovsky vernisage

One of the most famous flea market in Moscow. Located close to the “second Kremlin” of Moscow, it has not only a great choice of souvenirs, antique, old cameras and fun stuff from Soviet times, but also an atmosphere of an old Russian market. Wooden trade rows make your shopping the cultural experience in itself. We have Izmaylovo Flea Market and Kremlin tours where you can expect Russian crafts, fairy-tale royal palaces and vintage accessories at cheapest price in Moscow. Izmailovo Vernissage is the largest, world-renowned exhibition-fair of items of art and applied art created 25 years ago for artists, designers, craftspeople, artisans, community arts organizations, unions, cooperatives, and other crafts folk crafts manufacturers . Izmailovo Vernissage today is intended to maintain, develop and preserve Russian culture, crafts and traditions. The complex includes: “Artists Alley” with displayed works from more than 100 artists and “Craft Street” with art works and folk techniques by masters of Zhostovo, Palekh, Gzhel, Sergiyev Posad, Dymkovo and other towns of Golden Ring. Izmailovo Vernissage is included into the international tourist guides as the object of the show and one of the most popular Russian fairs with goods from masters of folk art from all over Russia. The multi-complex also includes Museum of the History of the Russian Navy, Bread Museum, Museum of the History of Russian vodka, Museum of Russian folk toys, Pottery, Forging the yard. Endless rows of military form of the last two centuries, dresses, knives, lighters, oil lamps, dishes, silverware and toys, samovars, irons and many other interesting things, old books and postcards, key rings and battered statues, old coins, boots, flashlights, lace, masterpieces of wood, leather, stone, bark and fur, carpets and more. … enormous number of treasures offered by Izmailovo Vernissage. It is endless! It is best to come to the flea market in the morning, while the stalls are still full with the most interesting and unique antiques. But you can try and visit it closer to closing – sometimes sellers are willing to part with their goods for just pennies! Source: By S



m. Partizanskaya, Izmaylovskoe shosse, 73zh Longitude Latitude