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2016- The Top 13 Night Markets in Bangkok

#1 [NEW] Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchadaphisek-You didn’t see wrongly. Suan Lum Night Bazaar is back after it closed 5 years ago! It’s not at the old location though. It’s now at Ratchadaphisek but the night market is no longer the same layout as before. The new Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchadaphisek will consist of a mega shopping center consisting of 1800 shops (this might be bigger than Platinum Fashion Mall), a night market, 4-star hotel, 24 hours supermarket, magic and cabaret shows, a fitness centre, a boxing gym and a water park. It’s not fully open though, give it some time. A good time to check it out will be around February 2016. Where > MRT – Ratchadaphisek (Exit 2); Operating Hours > Daily, 1600 – 2400 hrs. --------------#2 Asiatique The Riverfront-Asiatique is currently the most popular night market in Bangkok which every tourist will visit at least once. It’s like a night version of Chatuchak Weekend Market but much more spacious, airy and beautiful, making shopping here a breeze. Other than hitting the shops, don’t miss out The Calypso Show or Muay Thai Live! It’s a good place to chill over some food and beer by the river. The best way to come here without the jams is to take the free shuttle boat from BTS Saphan Taksin. You can take this chance to experience taking a boat along the Chao Phraya River too!Where > BTS – Saphan Taksin (Exit 2) and transfer via Asiatique Shuttle Boat Operating Hours > Daily, 1700 – 2400 hrs. --------------#3 Talad Rot Fai 1 (Srinakarin) If I can only visit one mega night market in Bangkok, this will be it. Talad Rot Fai (Train Market) was previously located at Kampaeng Phet but it is has relocated. It is currently located at Srinakarin Soi 51, which is next to Seacon Square Mega Shopping Mall. If you like vintage items and antiques, you will definitely love this place. Talad Rot Fai does not only attract the city’s stylish hipsters, but all age groups as well. It is a popular hangout area for friends and families. Where > BTS – Udom Suk (transfer via taxi) Operating Hours > Thursday to Sunday, 1700 – 0100 hrs. ----------------#4 Talad Rot Fai 2 (Ratchada) Talad Rot Fai Ratchada is the smaller version of Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin. Although it is smaller, the good part is its location. It’s nearer to the city and is accessible via MRT (Thailand Cultural Center). They are located just behind Esplanade Shopping Mall. Talad Rot Fai Ratchada opens from Tuesdays to Sundays, which means an additional 2 days as compared to Srinakarin branch. If you are lazy to travel far and have a tight schedule, this is a good option to visit.Where > MRT – Thailand Cultural Center (Exit 3) Operating Hours > Tuesday to Sunday, 1700 – 0100 hrs. ------------#5 [NEW] Talad Rot Fai 3 (Kaset-Nawamin) The third train market is here! Srinakarin branches feature many warehouses but this one at Kaset-Nawamin features the theme of train town where you will see containers by the corners of the market. The containers are not like what you see at ArtBox though. Kasem-Nawamin branch is bigger than Ratchada but it still loses out in terms of transport convenience. This is near Chatuchak (Ramintra) area and is only accessible by taxi. Operating Hours > Thursday to Sunday, 1700 – 0100 hrs. ------------#6 Chatuchak Friday Night Market-Many readers have asked if Chatuchak Weekend Market is open on Friday nights. Yes, it is open but my advice is to go down from 10pm onwards. Not the whole market is open as per what you see on weekends. The inner lanes (soi) are closed but the road where cars try to squeeze their way through, they are open. I prefer to call it Chatuchak Street Friday Night Market. Where > BTS – Mo Chit or MRT Kamphaeng Phet / Chatuchak Park. Operating Hours > Friday, 2200 hrs – late. -------------#7 JJ Green Jatuchak (JJ) Green is located just behind Jatuchak Park, it is also near the former Talad Rot Fai before they shifted over to Srinakarin Road. If you are here on Friday night, you can actually visit JJ Green first before going over to Chatuchak after 10pm. The vibe is very similar to Talad Rot Fai since they also sell vintage stuff but it’s very much smaller in size. Now with JJ Green Vintage Night Market, you can basically spend half of your day in Chatuchak area. In the afternoon you can go to Chatuchak Weekend Market and in the evening, JJ Green. Of course, you will require great stamina to do so!Where > BTS – Mo Chit or MRT – Chatuchak Park Operating Hours > Thursday to Sunday, 1800 – 0100 hrs------------#8 Siam Square-Siam area is like the Orchard Road of Bangkok. There are many shopping centres in this buzzing area. Siam Square is a place not to be missed. They are many boutiques around here and it’s much better at night when stalls are set up along the streets selling lots of fashion and street food. It may be a little hard to navigate as the streets can be quite narrow when people stop to look at something they like. This is what make street markets in Bangkok so interesting and unique! Where > BTS – Siam Operating Hours > Tuesday to Sunday, 1900 – 2230 hrs-------------#9 Pratunam. Pratunam is the most well-known shopping district in Bangkok and hence you can find many hotels and street food around here for your convenience. The only drawback is the lack of trains (BTS) in Pratunam but this does not seem to affect many tourists as many Singaporeans still like to stay in this area for the convenience of shopping and street food. Platinum Fashion Mall and the street markets opposite at Pratunam Market close at 8pm but there are still many places to shop around Pratunam! They are at The Palladium, Watergate Pavilion and Baiyoke areas.Where > Pratunam (via taxi) Operating Hours > Tuesday to Sunday, 1900 – 2230 hrs--------------#10 Victory Monument- Don’t know where else to shop? Take the BTS to Victory Monument because you can find cheap street-style shopping here! You will see many stalls selling fashion ranging from the latest to vintage items at a cheaper price compared to the ones at shopping centres. Other than fashion, there are also bags, handmade accessories and much more. Where > BTS – Victory Monument Operating Hours > Tuesday to Sunday, 1900 – 2230 hrs----------#11 Khao San- Khao San is probably one of the most popular night markets which most would know. Khao San is a backpacker’s area with many budget hostels but it’s a very lively place. You will get to see lots of tourists just chilling and enjoying themselves. There are also many pubs around, for people who are looking to party or just chill. You can have a massage, do some shopping or have some drinks at a pub. The vibe there makes it a unique place.Where > Khao San Road (via taxi) Operating Hours > Daily, 1900 – 2400 hrs-------------------#12 Saphan Phut Night Market & Flower Market Saphan Phut is also known as “Memorial Bridge” and it has a long history behind it. This night market sells basically everything – clothing (t-shirts, jeans, pants, skirts, dresses), shoes, lingerie, accessories, bags, belts, all at a very very cheap price. It attracts mainly young local teenagers and not many tourists do not know of this place yet.If you like flowers, there is a Flower Market next to Saphan Phut Night Market which you can check out too! Where > Saphan Phut (via taxi) Operating Hours > Tue – Sun, 2000 – 2400 hrs--------#13 ArtBox Bangkok (Pop Up) ArtBox Bangkok is the latest kind of Night Market to hit Bangkok! The concept is indeed very special and unique to Bangkok. Instead of the usual tentages, this night market uses containers and the vibe here is totally different from the other night markets. Over here, they are many stalls operated by young entrepreneurs and of course, it also attracts the younger crowd. Don’t be surprised to see them taking lots of photos, selfies and wefies.One very important thing to note when going ArtBox is – to check if they are open. They are not a permanent night market and hence you will need to proceed to this link to check on their opening dates >> Artbox Opening Dates.Where > TBC (temporary unavailable) Operating Hours > Selected Weekends (Fri – Sun), 1500 – 2400 hrs----------Source:



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