Mehrzweckplatz flohmarkt

Mehrzweckplatz Flea Market

The Mehrzweckplatz Flea Market in Dortmund, also known as the große Trödelmarkt in Dortmund, takes place every Tuesday from 07:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the Mehrzweckplatz, near the Wambeler Hellweg (Wambel district). This flea market truly has a little bit of everything for everyone: from the dyed in the wool bargain hunter, to the occasional flea market and antiques enthusiast. And between the mix of used & new items on sale (where real bargains can be made, like for instance kitchen appliances sold for a third of the price of a regular department store) it’s also possible to find oddities, collector’s items, arts and antiques, old books and vintage toys. This is the reason why this flea market is so popular in Dortmund, and in nearby cities. Conveniently located in Dortmund Although it is not located near the city center (Wambel is only 30 minutes away from downtown Dortmund by public transport – metro station Rüschebrinkstraße), this flea market is one of the big flea markets in Dortmund. Its convenient location and pleasant suburban atmosphere make it a popular venue among bargain hunters of all kinds. The small park near the Mehrzweckplatz and shops located all around the venue, add to the relax atmosphere, which is ideal for spending a morning & early afternoon strolling and browsing between the stalls. The broad range of new and used items ensures that not only the residents of Wambel regularly attend this flea market, but also locals from other residential areas & downtown Dortmund, as well as a few tourists. Because the Mehrzweckplatz Flea Market is an open air market, the amount of exhibitors and visitors varies according to the weather conditions. It is thereby not surprising that this flea market features more stalls and is more visited in good weather than in bad weather. Food and drinks are available on the flea market premises and in nearby shops located along the Wambeler Hellweg. Source: By S



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