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Flea Market at the Alte Leipziger Messe

Upon entering the premises of the Alte Leipziger Messe, the first thing visitors notice is the oversized “Double M”, the emblem of the former Leipzig Exhibition Square back in the days of the German Democratic Republic. This pretty well sets the tones for this unusual venue. Directly pass this symbol belonging to a long gone era and behind the impressive backdrop of the People’s Palace (now called the Pantheon), numerous interesting events unravel both indoors and outdoors, in the background. Needless to say that this venue is already by itself an interesting tourist attraction. Add a flea market to it and you have a winner. The legendary Flea Market at the Alte Leipziger Messe traditionally takes place each 1st Sunday of the month between March and November, mostly on the outdoor area. Approximately 50 to 100 exhibitors sell used items of all kind, as well as genuine antiques. Those who want to experience the typical flea market atmosphere of Saxony, should not miss that opportunity, and rush to the Alte Leipziger Messe. Quality, not Quantity This flea market is one of the most visited in the region, though not necessarily the biggest. While it is generally accepted that only second-hand goods, antiques and vintage are traded there, it is possible to also find more “modern” items. However, the focus of the Flea Market at the Alte Leipziger Messe remains centered on second-hand furniture and nostalgic memorabilia from the German Democratic Republic era. Source: By S



Old Fairgrounds, 04103 Leipzig (bus lines 70 and 74) Longitude Latitude