Barcelona flea market by vtal d32xciz

Els Encants Flea Market

One of Barcelona’s largest and best loved flea markets! Els Encants Flea Market has been around since the 14th century, and it’s a huge open-air outdoor flea market. All items are sold, old and new, and I mean all items, you get power tools next to antiques next to cosmetics. There is a lot of rubbish to be found at this flea market (and oddly a lot of “adult” videos and stuff) and some of the vendors just pour all their stuff onto a cloth in front of them so you have to sift through everything. However you do come across some gems. Though this flea market is big and chaotic, there are some great deals if you’re patient enough to unearth them. Saturday is the busiest day so avoid it if you’re just a casual browser, and if you’re looking for real bargains arrive early at the flea market. Antique auctions take place at 07:00 , when all the commercial buyers are there, and again at 12:00 noon when all the unsold goods drop in price. The furniture in the big hall to the side of the flea market is incredible and worth a look in. Bargaining is expected and fun! The flea market is meant to carry on until the afternoon but most stalls tend to pack up at midday. Also, a lot of the stalls close for August. Source: By S



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