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Melrose Trading Post

The Melrose Trading Post is a weekly antiques, art and collectibles market held every Sunday in the parking lot at Fairfax High School (the Melrose Trading Post Flea Market is a fundraiser for Fairfax High School). Gathering between 3,000 to 4,000 attendees on a weekly basis, the Melrose Trading Post features nearly 200 eclectic vendors to check out. Admission is $3 which is not bad at all compared to the $8 visitors have to pay at Rose Bowl. Plus, the Melrose Trading Post flea market happens every Sunday instead of one Sunday a month. This flea market has a well-edited selection of vintage clothing, records, furniture, plants, jewelry, random knick knacks and quirky antique treasures that can get expensive. But if you dig deep enough you can find some great stuff and good prices. Tips: Arrive early, explore everything and bring plenty of cash. You don’t want to be waiting in line for the ATM machine, as every minute is precious to discover those hidden gems you’ve come all the way to hunt for! Last but not least, haggle. Of course not to the point it’s ridiculous lowballing, as people have to make a living out of this too. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to bargain! Remember also to bring water and some snacks, in order to stay hydrated and not hungry. And don’t forget to check the weather: you don’t want to be freezing or suffering from the heat. Source: By S

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7850 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 Longitude -118.3597341 Latitude 34.0834007