Golden Nugget

Welcome to the Golden Nugget Antique Market, a 40-year-old Lambertville institution that is open year round. Started in 1967, the Golden Nugget is a “gold mine” of an indoor/outdoor market specializing in antiques, collectibles, art and more. This is not your everyday flea market. Every week, thousands of savvy antique-hunters and bargain-browsers visit the Golden Nugget to find an enormous variety of just about anything and everything old or “new-again”. We are the East Coast’s premier market for vintage and retro items such as furniture & home decor, paintings, clothing, jewelry, Victorian collectibles, sports memorabilia, model trains, books, dolls, arts & crafts, toys & games, lamps, pottery, comic books, vinyl albums, clocks, watches, glass, china, porcelain, garden items, coins, stamps, art deco, hardware and everything else imaginable that is antique or collectible. Besides looking for the perfect gift for family or friends, one of the main reasons people shop here is to find decorative items for their homes. Lately, the crowd of buyers includes the faces of a younger and diverse group of people. Young adults are frequenting the Golden Nugget looking to blend store-bought items with a bit of their own nostalgia to create an eclectic mix of styles that reflect who they are now, as well as where they came from. It’s not unusual to find your next family heirloom here. Part of the excitement of the Golden Nugget is that anything can turn up at any time. Naturally, this attracts a type of shopper with a tendency toward addiction… the collector. People collect everything these days, and one person’s junk is another person’s reason to exist. Always on the hunt for treasures, flea market shoppers love the joy of the hunt and the lure of the bargain. Unlike internet shopping, customers can touch, smell and closely examine merchandise to find that unique piece that brings back a special memory and personalizes a home. You are encouraged to ask questions and learn about what you are buying. Most antique dealers have a passion for what they are selling. Although you may see many people rushing about from dealer to dealer, please consider taking your time. So much is missed in the rush. If you are looking for something specific, by all means, ask. Most exhibitors have merchandise in other locations and may not carry all their items with them. Also, many may have different merchandise at different times of the year. Aside from our unique merchandise mix, our market is enhanced by the friendly dealers who come weekly (some for over 30 years!) to sell a variety of wares. Equally as important are our loyal customers who know a good thing when it comes along. It is this chemistry that makes the Golden Nugget Antique Market a very exciting shopping experience. Stroll around and take the time to browse through the incredible variety of merchandise and strike up a conversation with the dealers. Enjoy yourself! We have an ATM machine on site as well as two restaurants where you can take a lunch break or enjoy a variety of refreshments at fair prices. So come on out for a great antiquing experience any time of year! Take a good look at what you want! Talk with our wonderful dealers! Ponder a decision over some great food! Go home happy and come back again! Source: By S


2 Miles South of Lambertville 7 Miles North of Trenton

1850 River Road / Route 29 Lambertville, NJ 08530 Longitude -74.9303483 Latitude 40.3365738