Flea market stockholm 5 photo by jesper yu

Erikshjälpen Vårby

Just like the Spånga flea market this flea market showcases furniture and toys. You can also find there a lot of vintage clothing, glass and porcelain. The range here is about as wide as in Spånga, but in Vårby they have a little less items. Möjligheternas hus i Skarpnäck (Opportunity house in Skarpnack): This shop is famous for being cheap and offering a pretty decent selection of items, but has mixed quality of supply. It is best to visit this flea market on Thursdays, as they are open Thursday – Saturday and most interesting items are gone by Thursday evening. You can shop for instance for a I Emma-armchair for 8$, a 50’s watch in proslin with timer for 5$ and a floor lamp for 25$. They also have lots of books at a good price as well as clothes, lamps, glass and porcelain. Bonus: Megaloppis i Solna (Mega Flea in Solna): Every once in a year this 2400 sq mega flea market takes place in Solna. Exhibitors sell absolutely everything from furniture, lamps, clothes, blankets, sheets, antiques, glass, china, toys, electronik. Admission costs 5$ but it’s worth it. Next Mega Flea in Solna will be on Sat February 1. 2014 from 10 am to 17.00 & Sun February 2. 2014 from 11 am to 16.00 Source: By S



Vårby allé 53, 143 30 Vårby, Sweden Longitude 17.8751388 Latitude 59.2530657