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Tianguis de los Martes

Tianguis de los Martes takes place every Tuesday just out of the center of San Miguel de Allende – a short bus or taxi ride away. ‘Tianguis’ means an open air market. Approaching the market, a sea of brightly colored awnings spreads out before you, shading the stalls from the hot sun. This is where locals come to do their shopping. The rows and rows of stalls host an impressive range of goods. Tianguis de los Martes is less souvenirs and gifts, and more everyday essentials; from piles of clothes for ten pesos a piece, to cleaning products and household items, electrical goods, mountains of fruit and vegetables from the familiar potato to the exotic cactus leaves, and even live cattle. The many hot food stalls serve up a variety of Mexican dishes with a mouthwatering array of fillings, salsas and toppings. If desired, your taco can even be filled with pork jowl, brain or eyeball. For the less adventurous, why not try the torta de carnitas, pork simmered in oil until soft and delicious, stuffed into a bread roll and covered in salsa? Or buy a slab of chicharrones, deep-fried pork rind. This market is quite a sight to behold. If you’re after a real Mexican market experience, spend a day wandering through the tianguis, exploring the various stalls, discovering something you’ve never heard of and working up an appetite for the delicious foods on offer. Source: By S



Tianguis de los Martes, Arcos de San Miguel, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Longitude -100.7251107 Latitude 20.9063881
San Miguel de Allende