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Tianguis Organico

Every Saturday, organic traders congregate under the shady trees of the gardens next to the Instituto Allende art school. About 40-50 traders come with a large range of beautiful organic produce including breads and cakes, fruit and vegetables, hand-embroidered pillowcases and table cloths, condiments, chocolates, cacti and more. One stall features artisan cheese from the Ovejero dairy, selling one cheese that has been soaked in wine and another from a town called Cotija where the first cheese in North America was apparently produced. Alongside the sellers are many stalls selling fresh tacos, quesadillas, tamales and hot and cold drinks. The tamales here are particularly deliciosos, made of masa (dough made from corn), stuffed with a selection of meats or veggies and steamed in banana leaves, and come slathered in sour-cream, guacamole and sprinkled with pomegranate, chia and flax seeds. There is a calm atmosphere in the Tianguis Organico, as people meander around chatting with sellers and relaxing in the shady seating area. Whether you’re getting your weekly fill of organic fruits and vegetables, perusing the stalls for something that you haven’t tried before, indulging in delicious food or just enjoying the ambiance, it’s the perfect place to spend your Saturday afternoon. Source: By S

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TOSMA, Ancha de San Antonio 32, San Antonio, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Longitude -100.7479232 Latitude 20.9071656
San Miguel de Allende