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FLEA MARKET IN WARSAW (POLAND) When you think “flea markets” and “antiques”, Poland might not be the first country that comes to mind. On the contrary, cities like Paris, London, Rome or New York City have long been celebrated as the #1 destinations for flea market hunters and vintage enthusiasts. It’s even not uncommon for many travelers & antiques lovers to almost exclusively plan a trip to one of these destinations, with the main purpose of visiting the flea markets they host.From open-air markets to exotic food emporiums, brand-name clothing boutiques to traditional craft stores, Warsaw has all the shopping opportunities travelers would expect from a dynamic European capital. And for money-smart shoppers and flea market enthusiasts, the Koło flea market is probably the best place in town. Koło Bazar Located on the outlying area of Warsaw, the Kolo flea market or Bazar na Kole boasts a hodgepodge of top-notch period furniture, so-so quality antiques and other objects of desire. Every Saturdays and Sundays from 7 a.m. till around 2 p.m., this large outdoor market attracts buyers and sellers from across the country, eager to spend a few hours shifting through heaps of discarded objects and pondering their purchases in food and beverage stands that dish up standard home-style meals.The Kolo flea market offers a wide selection of both antiques and other artifacts of the past – some fakes. Stamps, watches, clocks, furniture, pottery, glass, silver, paintings, advertising pre-war posters, early 19th century postcards, prewar bathroom fixtures, vinyl records, sculpture, rusted German helmets, ammo boxes, shell casings, and thousands of other things found in the county’s basements can be found at the Kolo Bazar. So if you’ve ever wanted to own a WW1 Prussian helmet or a set of authentic palace doors from India (yours for 16,000zł / $4,200 USD), this is exactly the place you want to visit during your stay in Warsaw. Where: Obozowa 99, Warsaw. When: Saturdays & Sundays from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Get there: Take tram 12, 13 or 24 to the Dalibora stop. Other interesting resource on Krakow & Warsaw flea markets: Source:



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