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Curitiba Public Market

The Mercado Público de Curitiba is a great place to visit. There are options for all tastes. A recent renovation has left the place fascinating. There are good restaurants (some incredibly cheap), good shops (most Japanese delicacies, wine and cheese) and fruit stalls beautiful to see. You can have lunch and take a ride that lasts a few hours. Curitiba Public Market is one most visited place in the capital city. Many people going to and fro looking for some interesting good, fresh typical vegetables and fruits of the season, an special deal on a rare wine and many other attractions. To walk along the halls and stalls after lunch, have coffee, visit the wine shops, Japanese products, organic poultry, cigars, barber shops, aquariums and ornamental fish, dry goods, fruit and vegetable stalls, pet shops, household items and other cool stuff. Also, people in search of new flavors or new nuances of flavors that are familiar with, and willing to pay more for it. In recent years, especially after the last reform, more stores were opened to serve the public, which was varied landscape of the market, traditionally a point of sale of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and meats. Coffee shop specialties, wines, cheeses and including specific housewares stores. On the issue of wine, the exchange of information between buyer and shop is also vital. "The area is growing a lot of wine here in Curitiba," says Martins Ariadne, a prosecutor who works with several wineries in Curitiba. Therefore, there are many neophytes who need guidance. "There are people who have money to buy, you do not understand and asks a lot of opinion, and people who already know," said Ariadne. Everton Luis, Cellar Curitiba clerk (box 366), says he took a course in wine, in order to better serve. Regardless of knowledge, most of the public is Class A and B and spend on average R$40 per bottle, probably imported, since national labels are a rarity. Source: By S

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