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Public Market

The building that now houses the Public Market in Florianopolis is built in front of the Customs in 1898, replacing the old market, which was demolished in 1896 after 45 years of operation. The story of this first market is an important landmark for the city. It was the debate about its location, between the years 1791 and 1848, which led to the first two political parties in Santa Catarina. In its construction in 1851, a rectangular block of four sides with a door on each side, has put an end to a struggle for half a century, between one faction that wanted to keep the market on the square in front of the array, installed in small stalls, "barraquer," and those who wanted to transport it to where it is located today the harbormaster, "Jews." Barraques and opponents rallied for a reckoning from the ballot box, to establish the principle of leadership, in 1847. On one hand, those who wanted the Market Square in the current Fernando Machado, and others, who wanted the market in Santa Barbara or anywhere else in the city, except in the Square. In March 1848, Decree No. 252, authorizing the President of the Province to "build on the sea in front of the Church of the City of Exile on Market Square, following the plan attached to this law." The plant was the first Lieutenant João de Souza Melo Alvim and approved the project in lieu of three sheds Councilman Antonio Francisco de Faria. The province would build the building that once ready, would be delivered to the Municipality. After having served for 45 years, its demolition has left a square, which was beautified, and its trees remained until 1917. The current City Public Market was built in two stages: first, in 1899, had only one wing. In 1915 was built on a landfill site in the second ward, as well as towers, bridges and interconnecting the central span. The entire building has 140 stalls, where we found clothes, utensils, food and craft work in ceramics, straw and rattan. The building, with several bars of the central span is a meeting point for both locals and for tourists as well as stages for protests. There visitors can enjoy the various dishes of local cuisine, especially the portion of shrimp and fried fish, always accompanied by a cold beer. This even is one of the most popular with Manny, who often are in place to enjoy a lively evening with lots of samba and pagode, discuss politics, play dominoes or just chatting with friends and acquaintances. They say that the Public Market is one of the most democratic of the island, perhaps because it combines in a single address artists, politicians, bohemians and simple people, without distinctions. The will of the Public Market is also used for folkloric performances. On a visit to the site you may encounter ox papaya, Maricota, Maracatu and many other expressions of regional culture. Source: By S

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