Mercadocentral 4l

Mercado Central Fortaleza

Fortaleza and other cities in the Northeast are known for the talents of their craftsmen. These artists produce pieces out of fabric, wood, glass, coconuts, sand and many more. The sand products include the famous bottled sand artwork, a beautiful piece to bring back home. The prices are surprisingly low, with some pieces that take days to finish are being sold for less than R$100. The growth of tourism has increased prices slightly, but they are still considerably lower than in many parts of South America. There are craft shops throughout the city, including the airport, where everything costs double or triple the normal price. Before leaving this beautiful city, make sure you drop by at least one of the markets and give yourself enough time to pick out a couple of beautifully hand crafted pieces. The two best places to find prices, and diversity of handicrafts are at Feirinha Beira-Mar which is from dawn to dusk and and the Mercado Central. This market is located between Praia de Iracema and the central area of Fortaleza. It is actually possible to walk from the city center all the way until Feirinha Beira-Mar, and then onto the Mercado Central, and finally all the way back to the city center of Fortaleza. The Central Market occupies a building with four floors connected by ladders and catwalks. The site was designed specifically to be a market and recently renovated. Each of the floors operates several stores without any specific product breakdown or organization. The hunt for the best pieces can take awhile, so give yourself ample time to stroll through the entire market. Source: By S



Avenida Alberto Nepomuceno, 199 – Centro Longitude -38.5254868 Latitude -3.7306401