Centro de Artesanato Branco e Silva

The beauty and originality of the craft may be conferred on the Amazon Crafts Central Branco e Silva, whose name honors the artist Leovegildo Ferreira da Silva. Painter, sculptor and designer, author of the portrait of President Getulio Vargas, on permanent display in the Palace of Catete, in Rio de Janeiro, the Amazonian White and Silva developed an important work in the field of arts and culture. Among them especially those made with typical regional materials: wood, ceramics, straw tucum√£ tucum fiber and straw, jute cloth, rattan droppings, among others. Maintained by the state government of Amazonas and connected to the Secretary of State for Labour and Social Welfare - Setrab, Central brings together 23 handicraft shops, and a hall for exhibitions and cultural activities, restaurant and flowers, spread in a spacious and welcoming. Are organized by organ regularly collective creation workshops, courses in tapestry, painting and carving, as well as research activities and transmission of traditional techniques. A particular attraction not be missed, however, is the Coffee Fund, offered on Sundays from 07h to 12h. During the coffee can be savored delicacies typical Amazon: regional fruits, tapioca, cassava cake, corn cake, corn pudding, munguz√°, banana porridge, fried banana, Tucum, peach palm, and other natural juices. It's worth a visit include the White Center Crafts and Silva in his script visits the City of Manaus. A wide range of Amazon products, in basketry, weaving, sculpture, carving, painting and others can be found in Central Craft White and Silva. Credits: Collection Manaustur Source: By S



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