Centroturismonatal 1t

Centro de Turismo de Natal

The tourist center is the place to do shopping, you have souvenirs from R$ 1.00, a lot of variety. Best time to go is in the evening because it has no air conditioning. There is a box of BB (self service) and some news stands accept card (something uncommon in other Fairs Crafts). In the nights of Thursday, the Tourism Centre opens its doors to the "Forró com Turista" show in a stylish restaurant. Tourists enjoy themselves dancing or learning to dance the dance with dancers and ballerinas. In the end, you dance "forró". Has taxi rank in front and there are several bus lines that go down the street. The taxi is expensive in Natal, Ponta Negra to Center Turistic wanted to charge R$ 40,00, went back and forth by bus, R$ 2,00 each. The Tourism Center Natal is a space in 38 stores that sells crafts and souvenirs from Natal city, such as shirts, bottles of colored sand, and shelter inside an art gallery, restaurant and snack bar. The neoclassical building in the past has housed a prison, until 30 years ago was all recovered and became the Center for Tourism of Natal, located high on a dune in the district of Petropolis, where you have a beautiful sea view and river Potengi. At Restaurant Marenosso, besides regional dishes such as sun-dried meat with cheese, be sure to try the most famous cassava dumplings stuffed with sun-dried meat, cheese and shrimp. The "Aunt" Xica Lucia and are responsible for the delicacies, which for over 26 years is appreciated by the visitors not to mention the most tasty sherbet made of fruits of the region. Source: By S



Rua Aderbal de Figueiredo, 980 Petropólis Longitude -35.197789 Latitude -5.7798662