Caruaru 6t

CaruarĂº Fair

Originated in the formation of the city, Caruaru Fair Park is installed on May 18, which has 40,000 m2 and is divided into three main segments: the Craft Fair, the Sulanca Fair and Free Fair. One of the largest outdoor fairs in the world, the tourist is fascinated with such diversity, with mass demonstrations and the exquisite cuisine. Handicrafts Fair The Craft Fair is one that calls the attention of the visitor. It is there that focus on all types of crafts produced by artists who use clay, wood, stone, metal, straw, coir rope, leather, net, embroidery, wool, tin cans, as raw material. Here, tourists can enjoy the parts already finished or being produced by the hands of artisans. The show runs daily from 8h to 17h. Sulanca Fair The Sulanca Fair , the most famous, is intended more to traders from other places going to Caruaru in search of clothing at good prices to resell. More than 10 000 tents that serve, on average, more than 40 000 people per show, with a turnover of capital exceeding R$ 1 million. The grandeur, the fair has a special schedule and is open only on Tuesdays. At 3am on Tuesday, the fair is open to the organization of the tents, or banks, as they are called. At 5 o'clock, the show is beginning to really work. Source: By S



Feira de Caruaru Caruaru - PE Longitude -35.9606455 Latitude -8.296464