Mercado artesanal guayaquil ecuador

Mercado Artesanal de Guayaquil

Mercado artesanal is a great place where to buy souvenirs in Guayaquil. There is a large variety of articles to choose from. Here you can find the traditional t-shirts, key chains and magnets, but also the famous Panama Hats, Ponchos, and interesting Ecuadorean arts and fabrics. Prices are always elevated by the vendors, but if you really like something, just negotiate a price that you would both feel comfortable with. If no luck, then move on to the next stall. Many vendors carry similar articles. One thing I liked about this market is that the vendors are not too pushy. If you don't want something, just move on, and they would leave you alone. The market is located about 3 blocks away from Malecon 2000. Although the area looks not so nice, I walked by myself from my hotel by the river, and was fine. Probably better if you walk with a group though.

+593 4-252-4100


Julián Coronel con la Av. Machala Longitude -79.8893811 Latitude -2.1832055


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